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Diabetes and other Hormonal Diseases

All animals use a complex system of chemicals called hormones to regulate bodily functions and metabolism. Common hormones include insulin, thyroid hormone, cortisol, testosterone and oestrogen. When these hormone levels become unbalanced the body's entire metabolism and function is severely affected and life-threatening problems can result. Common hormonal issues include Diabetes (insulin imbalance), Hypo- or Hyper-Thyroidism (thyroid hormone imbalance), Addison's disease and Cushing's disease (cortisol imbalance).

Signs your pet may have a hormonal imbalance include being very thirsty and hungry all the time, urinating large amounts, being very tired or weak, weight loss or gain and hair loss. Hormonal issues are generally diagnosed by a blood test and nearly all conditions are treatable and symptoms are reversible.


Article What is Diabetes Mellitus? – 180KB PDF

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